Do You Lke Shrooms?

No, not that kind you dirty hippie. This involves cremini mushrooms, not the type that will have you conversing with your carpet, or searching for your nearest drum circle.

I have some carnivorous tendencies that are somewhat hard to curb. Today was a well-needed day literally veg out, and I wanted to cook/eat something fast and satisfying, yet avoiding heavy meat intake (pause?). This dish is fast, and very easy on the wallet.

Here goes.

First off- put out the nag champa and check your fridge’s inventory. I hate going to the market and buying a load of stuff, only to come home to find exact duplicates chilling in the fridge. In case you’re low on everything, here’s a shopping list:

1 lb. cremini mushrooms
1 head garlic
1 jar of capers (near the pickles)
butter, unsalted
1 lemon
1 bunch parsley (flat)
1 shallot
Kosher salt
Fresh ground pepper
Olive oil
Chilil flakes
Something to eat them with- a baguette works perfectly.

When you’re ready to get busy, preheat your oven to 450F and position the rack to the middle. Take out a small oven-friendly casserole (corning ware, a sauté pan w/metal handles, etc). This dish takes one vessel to cook in.

Clean your mushrooms, then cut to the desired size. I tend to cut mine into quarters since the supermarket ones are pretty huge. Throw ’em into a bowl. Mince up about 6-8 heads of garlic and throw those in too. Follow it up with about 1-2 TB of capers, crushed or chopped. Yep, into the same bowl, along with some thinly sliced shallot. Add in a few healthy pinches of salt, and about 5-6 grinds of pepper. Oh, and add in some chili flakes too.

Drizzle a little olive oil over the top, and mix with your hands. You washed them, right?

Pour the mixture into whatever you’re going to use for roasting. Cut about 3-4 TB of butter into cubes, and sprinkle them on top.

If the oven is at temp, throw it in. Roast it for around 15-20 minutes, stirring once.

Once you take it out of the oven, give it a good squeeze of lemon and toss in a good handful of chopped parsley. Hopefully you took my advice and grabbed a fresh baguette to eat with this- perfect sopping-up-the-sawse (intentional, thanks) opportunity here.

I forgot to buy one, so I settled on some pasta w/a few of my Mom’s tomatoes thrown in.

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